Plenty of games have let you play as Sherlock Holmes, but have you ever wanted to be John Watson? Now you can! Except you're not even some retired army surgeon, you're just a painter, and a sad one to boot.

How to Play: Strickland is a distracted painter in the middle of a crime investigation. He's really only thinking of his painting. The dialogue updates automatically, but you can pause it or speed it up with the respective buttons. Drag the images that appear in the lower right into the frame above them to arrange your own painting. Don't worry, you can't be wrong! Or rather, it's your purpose to be wrong, because you're just the assistant, not the detective.

The Curious Case of the Missing Will was made in 48h for the GMTK Jam 2018. I interpreted the theme to make a Detective Game without Detecting.



  • Added Pause button. In the paused state, you are also unable to place images in your painting. There are no wrong placements.
  • Removed score. The score was supposed to encourage players to actually fiddle around with the painting, but gave the false impression that there is a puzzle to solve.
  • Added additional checks for the painting to the dialogue.
  • Changed some of the language in the UI to better reflect the game mechanics.


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